About Inspiration2Aspiration

Why be inspired?

Today’s educational systems all over the world lack significantly their very own crucial concept and fail in one of their most important tasks: They neither prepare nor inspire individuals for challenging themselves with contemplating about the fundamental spiritual questions in life. Who are you? What is your role in society? What is society? Why do you do what you do? The contemporary massive changes in society contributes to that – eventually leading to distracted, confused and disoriented individuals.

How to aspire?

By sharing our thoughts we hope to challenge you to think about yourself, your life and maybe to shake the foundations of the truths you have taken so far to be given. We conceive our texts as incentives for further contemplation and exploration. We try to cover ideas and topics from the humanities, especially philosophy, that eventually lead to a meaningful and deeper understanding of yourself and your environment. Everything we write is understood as a contribution to a discourse and that there nothing like an irrevocably truth.

About the creators

Inspiration2Aspiration is the work of two brothers from Germany. We have always been fascinated by the questions of how our world works and why we do what we do. What we absolutely admire about trying to answer these questions is exploring ideas and thoughts that were asked centuries ago and are still relevant for our lives and thoughts today.

Our motivation is not only to spread these ideas in a clear and easy to understand manner but to inspire people for asking, contemplating and rethinking what they might take for granted. Examining historical events, sociological and psychological theories, philosophical concepts and technological trends helped us acknowledging that the social, political and cultural order we live in today is a highly contingent and interchangeable system.

For that reason alone we believe that it is highly beneficial to be inspired by past and present thinkers and to eventually aspire new perspectives towards yourself, your environment and the world.